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Opportunities to Wear Victorian Costume in CA
Makers of Men's Costume in CA
If you are not in CA, find a costume maker close to you by inquiring at local theatres and opera houses.  You need someone nearby who can fit you in person, for best results.  Do not be lured in by internet sellers who claim you can send them your measurements and the garment will fit you.  The results of this are not much better than off-the-rack, and do not deserve the price tag of bespoke.
Costume Books for Further Research
  • L'Album, Musee de la Mode & du Textile, isbn 2-7118-3475-1 (good 1700s, not much 1800s)
  • The Cut of Men's Clothes, Norah Waugh, isbn 0-87830-025-2
  • 20,000 Years of Fashion, Francois Boucher, isbn 0-8109-1693-2
  • Four Hundred Years of Fashion, Victoria and Albert Museum, isbn 1-85177-116-6
  • A History of Men's Fashion, Farid Chenoune, isbn 2-08013-536-8
  • Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: A Photographic Survey, Alison Gernsheim, isbn 0-486-24205-6