Dressing Up Info
  Welcome! Fitting and Proper costumes

This page is a gallery of costumes entirely by Fitting and Proper (design, pattern, and construction).
You may click on any of the pictures below to see them larger.

To accompany the pattern by Fitting and Proper, here are directions for constructing the 1795-1810 Men's coat.
1840s style dress
1840s dress with day and evening bodices
1850s day dress
1850s day dress in taffeta

victorian trousers
1840s stirrup trousers in wool
1855 style dress
1855 day dress with stomacher

rose, lavender, and green dress
1880s ballgown with detachable train
1912 style dress
1912 Titanic dress

corset in printed twill
Corset in printed cotton twill
striped corset
Corset in striped coutil

mid-Victorian corset
Corset in brushed twill, plus size

Silk Victorian cape
Ladies' cape in silk taffeta